Every time I move it transforms my life!

Let me show you how to create a life you love in a state that feels like home

I believe you can do anything - if you want it badly enough

Decide What You Want,
then Make it Happen!

And when you have someone show you how, it makes everything easier

Be Brave - Moving is an Adventure

My family has lived on the same farm in Derbyshire, England for over 250 years, but I come from generations of travelers and adventurers who emigrated all over the world

So at 24 I set off alone to backpack around the world!

The USA was a month long stop on my way to Australia, and loved every moment of my time here

As I traveled and worked in Australia, New Zealand and China, my only goal was finding a job and moving back to the USA

Having moved to a new country in search of something different, I can help you navigate the complex feelings you'll experience as you leave a state you love, or the place you've always lived, in search of something better

Become Part of the Community & Explore 

I moved to the USA in 2001 and spent 5 years working as a Consultant in factories all over the USA - exploring all 50 states and most of Canada, and living out of hotels and apartments

Because I only spent a few months in each place I can teach you how to quickly become part of a community and make friends

I can also teach you the fastest way to pack up and how to travel light, because I usually moved with very little notice

Inspire Your Kids & Lead by Example

When I met my husband, settled in Atlanta and built my dream life, I thought my traveling days were over

So, when he was offered a job in Florida I was very reluctant to uproot our family and leave the home and community I loved

But I decided to make the move into an amazing, life changing adventure

Part of the adventure was living in a 27 foot travel trailer in an RV resort in Tampa FL for 18 months, which we loved!

So no matter how reluctant your family is to move, I can show you how to lead by example and help them embrace the life changes that come with moving to a new state

Have no Regrets & be Open to Adventure

Several years later, my husband was head hunted to run the west coast for a business based in Stockton, California. Everyone told us we were crazy to leave our perfect life in Florida for a place we’d never visited

But we knew we'd regret NOT moving, so 3 weeks later we sold almost everything, packed what was left in a POD and set off on a epic 6-week road trip to California

My family had never been west of Alabama, so it was an incredible trip, and I loved being able to show them many of the states where I'd lived

Because of our move west, I can help you deal with the negative attitudes of family or friends when you tell them you're moving and I can also help you plan and budget for a fabulous road trip to your new state

Trust it Will Work Out

We moved at the height of the COVID pandemic and we had nowhere to live in California, but we knew in the worst case scenario we could buy a camper and live in it, like we'd done in Florida

But everything worked out perfectly and we spent 18 months exploring the state, driving to Seattle and back on vacation and experiencing the best that California and it's neighboring states had to offer

I expanded my coaching business during this time and discovered there were thousands of people who wanted to leave California, but felt overwhelmed by doubts and fears, or didn't know where to begin when planning their move

So I created my Make the Move guide to simplify the processs of planning your move so I could help as many people as possible - in a fast, efficient and cost effective way

Make a Decision & Deal with Your Emotions

After 18 months in California we made the difficult decision to move back to Georgia and 8 days later, we hit the road - physically exhausted from packing up and mentally drained from the rollercoaster of emotions we'd felt over the previous week

 We were excited at the thought of exploring Idaho, Montana and Wyoming before heading across the mid-west, and we were happy to see southern family and friends again. But we were also overwhelmed by sadness to be leaving California and our friends there

Leaving California before I was ready was a new experience for me.  

For all my previous moves I'd seen and done everything I wanted to do in a state before I left.  So now I understand how you feel if you're moving for social, political or financial reasons or if you feel reluctant to move

If you're doubting your decision to move or experiencing a little regret, I can help you work through these complex emotions because I've felt them all. 

I can show you how to deal with the conflicting emotions that come with moving to a new state - excitement followed by doubt, hope followed by uncertainty, happiness followed by regret.  Because when you can manage these feelings, you can focus on all the good things that will come from your move

I can also show you how to plan your move and pack up in 8 days - but I don't recommend it to anyone!!

Plan for an Amazing Future

We spent the first couple of months in Georgia deciding if we should stay or move on to another adventure, but our kids love their school, so we decided to stay until they finish High School
It was hard living in a state where I didn't really want to be and I spent a few months feeling as if I was grieving for my unfinished life in California

So I put all the skills I teach in my Make the Move guide into practice. I reconnected with my community and old friends, I made new friends and built a fulfilling life

 I know that our time in Georgia is just a 'stepping stone' on the way to our next move, so we're already planning and saving for the next stage of our lives

So if you can't move for several years, or if don't love the state that you're in, I can teach you how to love your life right now, and how to plan for the future 

Let Me Be Your Guide

Because I've moved so often and explored all 50 states, I can help you with practical issues like deciding where to move to, finding the right realtor and moving company and packing up and leaving

But more importantly, I understand the fear, doubts and uncertainty you feel when you move

Having moved reluctantly and leaving a place I loved before I was ready, I can help you navigate the complex emotions that moving creates

 Because I've created joy, purpose and motivation in my life again, I can show you how to do the same; especially if you don't want to move but your family do, or if it's years before you can move

So don't struggle with the practical issues of planning your move or with the complex emotions you may feel

When you download Make the Move I'll guide you every step of the way, until you're living a life you love, in a state that feels like home!

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